Part of my final poetry portfolio for the class FA-CW 103.1: Introduction to Poetry Writing

Dearest Darling,

My heart continues to dance for you.
It has been a while since we last saw each other, 
oh, how I loathe to remember that day.
Your face full of despair as that woman forced you 
to lie to me—
your one true love.
Despite the fabrication that she made you tell me, 
I know your heart still beats as one with mine.

Oh it has been far too long 
since I’ve had you in my arms,
since I was able to smell your delightful scent. 
Tell me, my love,
do you still use the same shampoo that you used before? 
Ah, just thinking back to how the vanilla
masked your natural musky scent 
is sending chills down my spine.
I need not worry, for the lock of hair
I still have from our prior meeting
will be enough to sate this hunger of mine 
until I see you once more.

Don’t let her desecrate your body, my love. 
Only I have the privilege to give you pleasure
and in turn find pleasure through touching your lovely supple flesh. 
Just thinking about how I would touch you 
when I get my hands on you once more
is starting to make my heart beat faster, 
my breath coming out in ragged exhales.

I would hold you down
like I did all those times before.
I know how you love to pretend 
that you hate what I do to you;
the thrill from begging me to stop our
passionate love making despite feeling otherwise
has always made you shudder in the throes of passion, 
always made you let out those wonderful moans.

Maybe this time, I would tie you to my bed. 
So that you can stay with me long after
our lovemaking. I would keep you in my home
so that I can protect you from the wretched woman 
who dare destroy our love.

I would protect you and cherish you, 
love you and treasure you
in sickness and in health, 
for richer and for poorer, 
I will stay by your side.

And curse all those who would get in the way
of this wonderful love that I believe was blessed
by the Gods above. May they be pursued by misfortune—
a bullet, a knife, a push from behind
while going down the stairs—we’ll never know 
what the malevolent Gods have in plan
for those who would be a hindrance 
to a heavenly love such as ours.

In time I will be
with you once again. 
Don’t fret, dearest,
don’t let the screams of terror 
that will arise with my arrival 
frighten you into hiding from me.

The ones screaming are those
being punished for taking you away.

You, however, will be
screaming for an entirely different reason 
when I get there.

Your Dearest